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Monday, September 29, 2008

Vintage Menus: Part I (1955)

My mother and her family took a family trip during the summer of 1950, and at some point along the line, it was decided to save the menus from this trip. Rescued from a haul to the dump, these wonderful menus from restaurants and other eating establishments across the country are a unique view into the style and design of the 1950s. In our first segment, we will feature The 4-B's Cafe, The Domeliner of Portland, Carder's, Childs, and the Sheraton Cafe Cadillac.

The 4-B's Cafe, "Original Home of the Guaranteed Steak," was a staple of downtown Helena, Montana for over 30 years. Helena as She Was has a wonderful set of photos on their site.

The Domeliner of Portland was the name of the Union Pacific Railroad train that went from Seattle, Washington to Chicago, Illinois. Here we have the dining menu and the beverage service menu.

Carder's appears to have been a restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, though I can find no information about it. The menu is dated "Thursday, June 16, 1955".

Childs appears to have been a steak house in Boston, Massachusetts, though I can also find no information about it. I especially love the cover with the filet mignon -- looks better than Denny's, that's for sure!

The Sheraton Cafe Cadillac was located in the Book-Cadillac Hotel in Detroit, Michigan. This was undoubtedly acquired on the family trip to pick up their new Cadillac car.

I hope you enjoy these! Stay tuned for more! As always, click through for full-sized versions.


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