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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Complete Postcard Set of International Eastern Star Temple in Washington, D.C. (1940's)

My great grandfather Tedd Marriott was involved with the Masons, although I really don't know much about his involvement, nor was it something that my grandfather or father continued in our family. Regardless, at some point in the 1940's he visited the International Eastern Star Temple -- headquarters of the General Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star -- in Washington, D.C. and purchased this set of twelve personalized postcards. They are completely unused, and have sat in their envelope for approximately sixty years! Please enjoy these images of the postcards in the slide show below, or click through for the Flickr set.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Illustrations from McCall's Service Booklet "Parties All the Year" (1924)

This belonged to one of my great-grandmothers, though we are not sure exactly which, but this McCall's Service Booklet from 1924 titled "Parties All the Year" by Claudia M. Fitzgerald is filled with classic seasonal illustrations. The series included approximately twenty small booklets, each priced at ten cents, or twelve volumes for a dollar. Included here are the front and back cover (which includes an index), title page, and all the illustrations from this small booklet. Enjoy the slide show below, or click through for the Flickr set.

Vintage Rebus Escort Card (1860s)

This is apparently much older than I imagined as I found out when I went to the Wikipedia entry for rebus. They actually have a photo of one of these exact vintage rebus escort cards from the 1860's with woodcut images. Enjoy the scan of ours below, or click it for a full-sized view!

Vintage Escort Card - 1860's

May I see you home, my dear?

Indian Prayer from St. Francis Indian Mission, South Dakota (1950s)

Presented here is a beautiful prayer card from the St. Francis Indian Mission in St. Francis, South Dakota. I am not sure of the date of this item, but my guess would be 1950's, as this would have been when by grandparents were travelling in this area. This is a common prayer, quoted quite regularly across the internet. The simple design and colors are quite charming -- I would love to reproduce this somehow. Enjoy the images below, or click through for the Flickr set.

Indian Prayer from St. Francis Indian Mission - Front

Indian Prayer from St. Francis Indian Mission - Back

Vintage Letterhead

I've got tons of letters, stationary, and letterheads that I'd like to preserve, so I'm starting two sets:
  1. Stationary (Full Sheets) - Regardless of size, these scans will show a complete page of the items.
  2. Letterheads (Cropped) - These scans will show only the portions of the page that feature design or text.
Hopefully, this will serve everyone. To start out, I've added the Hopalong Cassidy stationary to the Stationary set, along with the full sheets of the two letterhead below. I'm not sure about the dates yet (the first is probably 1940's or 195's, the second is probably 1920's or 1930's) -- still getting information from my family on that. Enjoy, and look for much, much more in the future!

AFM 517 - Letterhead (Cropped)

Auto Tire and Rubber - Letterhead (Cropped)

Hopalong Cassidy Children's Stationary (1950s)

Here's a wonderful, unused page of children's stationary from the 1950's, scanned in high quality for your pleasure. Referencing the fictitious Bar-20 Ranch from the world of Hopalong Cassidy, it has some illustrations around the edge of cowboys, cowgirls, horses and guns -- perfect for a young girl or boy in the 1950's. Click through for the full-sized image!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Image from Our Next Set (1924)

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Thanks for subscribing, and as a thank you to those of you reading this, here is a Thanksgiving image from our next set, the illustrations from the 1924 booklet, Parties All the Year, by Claudia Fitzgerald. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recipe Sheets from Mary Cullen's Cottage (1950s)

I've come across stacks of these recipes sheets from "Mary Cullen's Cottage" over the past few weeks, sometimes four or five copies of each one. According to my research, there was no actual "Mary Cullen" -- the real author was International Newsmedia Marketing Association member Mary Elizabath Tobin:
Another early member was Mary Elizabeth Tobin of the Portland (Oregon) Journal, whose Mary Cullen's Cottage was one of the United States' outstanding newspaper promotions -- a complete little cottage household that served as an all-embracing homemaking guide for busy homemakers.
This wonderful batch of recipes must have been required reading for whoever owned these -- oh yeah, my grandmother! I'm sure she passed these around to friends at some point in time during the 1950's. Here they are in their usual slideshow, but we've also added them as a download in PDF format -- something new! As always, subscribe to the feed and click through for the Flickr set!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Program from "Guys and Dolls" Starring Pamela Britton (1950s)

I loved the film version of Guys and Dolls as a kid -- "I got the horse right here, his name is Paul Revere..."-- but I never have seen it on the stage. Apparently my grandparents did, because they came over from Port Townsend to see a production of it at the Greenlake Aqua Theatre, a magnificent outdoor stage at Seattle's Greenlake and saved this classic blue program. The production featured Pamela Britton as Ms. Adelaide, whose big claim to fame would come in the 1960's with My Favorite Martian. From the little bit of information I can gather, she worked in mainly West Coast theater circles throughout the 1950s while she raised her daugher, so that is as close as I can get to dating this program. Enjoy the slide show below, click through for full-sized images, and be sure to subscribe!

Billy Graham Crusade in Portland (1950)

My grandmother was a big fan of Billy Graham and his ministries, and during his 1950 Crusade in Portland she went to check him out in person. For one reason or another, this small piece of ephemera was saved, and brought back from the depths of history for you and presented here! As it's only three images, I'll do without the slide show, but as always, feel free to click through for the Flickr set.

Billy Graham in Portland (1950) - Front

Billy Graham in Portland (1950) - Inside

Billy Graham in Portland (1950) - Back

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hilf Mit! - Nazi Teachers Association Magazine (1936)

hilf mit! - Nazi Youth Magazine - 1936According to OD43.com, a site specializing in scarce original historic Third Reich literature, anti-semitic Third Reich books, Third Reich documents and ephemera:
"Hilf Mit!" was the official monthly periodical from the Nazi teachers association with lots of Hitler Youth photos."

These turned up at a garage sale of all places, and they were too stunning to pass up. These three issues from 1936 have stunning images of nationalism, poetry and songs of nationalism (as shown in one included page) and plenty of propaganda. I have scanned the three covers as well as a music sheet, as I am a musician by trade. View the slideshow below, or click through for the Flickr set.

Ciels et Sourires de France (June 1934)

Ciels et Sourires de France (Skies and Smiles of France) June 1934This is a vintage photo booklet produced by Fluxine Laboratories. The best information available came from one book collector site in France:

Monthly magazines dedicated to medical, specially edited by Fluxin Laboratories in Villefranche (Rhone), under the artistic direction of GL Arlaud, soft cover, many illustrations, engravings of French landscapes and advertising of pharmaceuticals.

This particular volume of "Ciels et Sourires de France" from June of 1934 feautures photos from the beautiful medieval city of PĂ©rouges, France. Also included are the wonderful advertising pages for what appears to be hemorrhoid creams and other ointments and medicines. Enjoy the slideshow below, or click through for the Flickr set. And be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Advertisements from Time Magazine (December 1981)

My folks saved lots of magazines corresponding to important events -- as I suspect many people did regarding the recent election -- and the birth of my sister in 1981 was one such event. These wonderful advertisements come from the TIME magazine from December 27, 1981 -- The Year in Pictures issue. Not much creativity in the company that created these two ads, was there?

Barclay Advertisement - Time (Dec 28, 1981)Barclay Advertisement - Time (Dec 28, 1981)
Lots of cigarette and booze ads here, but also some wonderful ones from Hilton, Bell Systems, Chrysler (with Ricardo Montalban), Azar Nuts and Snap-E-Tom. Enjoy the slideshow below, or click through for the Flickr set.

Vintage Matchbook Covers (1930s)

Vintage Matchbook - Club Victor (Seattle, WA)I've been tackling the arduous task of sorting through boxes of things saved from my grandparent's house, and something that keeps coming up are these amazingly well-preserved matchbook covers. The colors are still vibrant after sixty-plus years. At least a few date from the 1930's for sure, as there are notes and dates written inside most of them. Of particular note is the horribly racist Coon Chicken Inn matchbook -- I found some other stuff related to this, and I'll try to post (please note: we have NO intention of being offensive by posting this, merely pointing out the sadly racist additudes in our history -- also note is was OUTSIDE the Seattle city limits...) The other locations included are: Clover Club in Portland, Oregon; Club Victor and Oasis Night Club from Seattle, Washington; and the Hotel Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco. As always, enjoy the slideshow below, or click through for the Flickr set.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vintage Postcards of "The Famous Town of Tokyo" (Date Unknown)

I found these postcards for a couple bucks apiece in an antique shop recently. They have such an amazing look to them, and yet it is very hard for me to gleam the date from the images. With the exception of the text "The Famous Town of Tokyo", everything is written using Japanese characters. Can you read? Can you tell us what the captions are? Let us know! Enjoy the slide show below, or visit the Flick set!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peter Pan Records -- Illustrated Record Sleeves (1950s)

Peter Pan Records was one of the biggest makers of children's records in 1950s, and as it turns out, we've got a bunch of 'em! I've got a couple of posts worth of images related to children's records, so stay tuned for more. These records all belong to my uncle, who loaned them to me for archiving purposes. Our first set includes all the record sleeves still in good condition, with both sides scanned for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the slideshow below, or click through for full-sized images.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recordio Discs - Homemade Records (1940s)

In the 1930's and 1940's, many people jumped on the bandwagon of purchasing home recording machines that, in the days before magnetic tape for home use, recorded onto a blank record. Machines were made by a variety of companies, but the Wilcox-Gay Recordio machines were by far the most popular, and can still be found on eBay from time to time. My grandparents used their machine quite a bit when my dad and uncle were born, and thankfully these discs weren't tossed! Dig the cool logos! Enjoy the images in the slideshow below or the discs themselves and the folder that holds them, or click through for the Flickr set. Can you tell which are 7" and which are 10"?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Schwinn Bicycle and Accessories Catalog (1980)

Sometimes you come across things that you can't exactly figure out who in the world would buy them, and then you realize that the person to buy them is you! This Schwinn Bicycle and Accessories Catalog from 1980 was one such item I picked up a few weeks ago for less than five bucks. Sixty-five (65) images in all -- enjoy the slideshow below, or click through for the Flickr set.

Monday, November 10, 2008

N.C. Wyeth Illustration - Snake and Hawk (1923)

A family friend got me into the artwork of N.C. Wyeth when I was a teenager and I've been hooked ever since, collecting many volumes of Scribner's Classics illustrated by N.C. Wyeth. On a recent trip I found this single sheet from The Ladies Home Journal from March of 1923. Enjoy this beautiful image!

N.C. Wyeth - Snake and Hawk - Cropped