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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recipe Sheets from Mary Cullen's Cottage (1950s)

I've come across stacks of these recipes sheets from "Mary Cullen's Cottage" over the past few weeks, sometimes four or five copies of each one. According to my research, there was no actual "Mary Cullen" -- the real author was International Newsmedia Marketing Association member Mary Elizabath Tobin:
Another early member was Mary Elizabeth Tobin of the Portland (Oregon) Journal, whose Mary Cullen's Cottage was one of the United States' outstanding newspaper promotions -- a complete little cottage household that served as an all-embracing homemaking guide for busy homemakers.
This wonderful batch of recipes must have been required reading for whoever owned these -- oh yeah, my grandmother! I'm sure she passed these around to friends at some point in time during the 1950's. Here they are in their usual slideshow, but we've also added them as a download in PDF format -- something new! As always, subscribe to the feed and click through for the Flickr set!


Unknown said...

I was an employee of The Oregon Journal after I graduated from oregon State Universty in 1964. I worked under Catherine Lawton who was an amazing woman. Her family had a beach house adjacent to James Beard's mom's in Gearheart, and they got together and cooked when he came to Portland. I became pregnant so didn't work there very long, but had a complete collection of those Recipe handouts. I was cleaning out my mom's recipe box and came across one page titled "Pioneer Recipes" that featured Cole Slaw and other "down home" cookin' favorites. I remember giving those recipes over the phone to readers who would call in.

Pauline Flanagan Barrett, Seattle

June said...

Those are nice recipes, Do you happen to have one of hers called Glittering Stars and Frosty Wreaths they are Christmas cookies Mary Cullen had them in the Oregon Journal and i misplaced mine.