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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vintage Letterhead

I've got tons of letters, stationary, and letterheads that I'd like to preserve, so I'm starting two sets:
  1. Stationary (Full Sheets) - Regardless of size, these scans will show a complete page of the items.
  2. Letterheads (Cropped) - These scans will show only the portions of the page that feature design or text.
Hopefully, this will serve everyone. To start out, I've added the Hopalong Cassidy stationary to the Stationary set, along with the full sheets of the two letterhead below. I'm not sure about the dates yet (the first is probably 1940's or 195's, the second is probably 1920's or 1930's) -- still getting information from my family on that. Enjoy, and look for much, much more in the future!

AFM 517 - Letterhead (Cropped)

Auto Tire and Rubber - Letterhead (Cropped)

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