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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Billy Graham Crusade in Portland (1950)

My grandmother was a big fan of Billy Graham and his ministries, and during his 1950 Crusade in Portland she went to check him out in person. For one reason or another, this small piece of ephemera was saved, and brought back from the depths of history for you and presented here! As it's only three images, I'll do without the slide show, but as always, feel free to click through for the Flickr set.

Billy Graham in Portland (1950) - Front

Billy Graham in Portland (1950) - Inside

Billy Graham in Portland (1950) - Back

1 comment:

finncfoster said...

A few months back, my grandfather-in-law and I got to talking about his Christian faith. During the conversation, he brought up this exact Crusade in PDX as the moment when he became a Christian. Unfortunately, he just passed away a couple of days ago. I will be in charge of the funeral service and I was more than pleased to find this gem online.