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Monday, December 1, 2008

Rare Footage of Herb Crisler in the Olympic Mountains (1940s)

I've got some amazing footage to show you! My grandfather had this tape of footage of noted hiker and Disney filmmaker extraordinaire Herb Crisler that he had received from writer and biographer Ruby El Hult, who received it directly from Crisler himself. It was basically unlabeled except for a small note from Ruby stating what was NOT Herb Crisler on the tape (only two short scenes, which have been edited out). After I watched the approximately twenty minutes of footage, I knew this was something special. It's candid moments in the Olympic Mountains with Herb Crisler and assorted others. There's a ton of great moments here, from chasing grouse and filming bear to loading up one of his caches and birdwatching. This footage from the 1940's is a special slice of film we rarely get to see anymore, let alone see something that probably very few people have seen.

Rare Footage of Herb Crisler in the Olympic Mountains from David Marriott on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

Herb is my Uncle. I have the movie camera that Herb utilized to film this. jody@jamdaniel.com

Anonymous said...

It was very unique & special to see footage so remarkable from a man just as remarkable. Herb Crisler was a truly interesting &inspiring individual who I look up to as a great Naturalist & Conservationist. I am currently reading Arctic Wild (a book by Lois Crisler) & am deeply inspired & moved by the actions of these heroes. It would have been an honor to have met someone like Herb & Lois. Thank you for sharing this remarkable piece of footage to the world.

As the Crow Flies said...

Thank you for posting. There is so much great footage that Herb shot, but not as much of candid Herb, and Lois. This is great stuff as there just weren't many people willing to carry an 8mm, color, movie camera and equipment deep into the heart of the Olympics.
I think the shelter shot is the camp Herb called "Castle in the Cat", does anyone know for sure?