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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Streamline No. 1 Poker Playing Cards (1950s)

A friend looked at the site as I was designing it and asked me about the "Plastic Coated" and "Linen Finish" banner across the bottom of my site banner.  Part of the impetus for creating this site was seeing this pack of playing cards a week ago at a friend's house.  His father had picked these up at a garage sale, curiously unopened.  The Arrco playing card company existed until 1987, but this design certainly looks older, and from a little research it appears that this deck dates from the 1950s, maybe early 1960s. Either way, this design inspired me to post some of my own vintage stuff somehow online, and also get my friend to loan me those cards to scan.  It was the first thing I scanned for this site, and while I was making the site banner, the colors weighed heavily on me, and I figured I might as well integrate them into the design. So here, for your viewing pleasure, are the Streamline No. 1 Poker Playing Cards -- mind you, the box is still unopened, so these are merely scans of the packaging, but what a package it is! As always, click through for full-size versions.

Streamline No. 1 Vintage Poker Playing Cards

Streamline No. 1 Playing Cards - Box Back

Streamline No. 1 Playing Cards - Box Side B

Streamline No. 1 Playing Cards - Box Side A

Streamline No. 1 Playing Cards - Box Bottom

Streamline No. 1 Playing Cards - Box Top


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