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Welcome to Dave's Vintage Stuff, my online home for my vintage collectibles, either my own or inherited through my family. If you'd like to subscribe to our updates, you can subscribe via e-mail to the left, or subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking the RSS icon above to the right.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to Dave's Vintage Stuff

Welcome to Dave's Vintage Stuff, a new website for retro, vintage, old, and plain old ancient stuff, from advertisements and illustrations to toys and collectibles. Since I was born in 1973, I'm going to define "vintage" as anything before 1985: the year I started middle school. I'll be posting weekly scans and photos of items from my eclectic collection of stuff -- maybe even some wacky music. The other key to this place is that it's all free for you to use; all the images are released under Creative Commons license for your use, as long as you don't collect them all and try to sell them. These are my gift to you; I don't have a great deal of money, but I'm passionate about this kind of stuff, so if you like what you see, or you find use in the stuff posted here, please make a donation to a not-quite-starving-but-still-broke artist.

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