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Saturday, September 27, 2008

AGS Around the World Program: Series Overview (1950s)

Welcome to the series overview for the American Geographical Society's Around the World Program, a wonderful set of books published in the 1950s discussing various countries across the globe. How I acquired this set is discussed in my first post, but as I've now added all ten volumes in my possesion, it's now time to give all these posts a hub for the many links associated with these illustrations. From now on, this will be the starting point for the Around the World Program books, and should I acquire more, I'll add them here as well.

Summary: Book Covers
Summary: Title Pages

Illustrations: Belgian Congo (1958)
Illustrations: Burma (1959)
Illustrations: France (1956)
Illustrations: Iran (1958)
Illustrations: Malaya (1958)
Illustrations: Pakistan (1958)
Illustrations: Russia (1958)
Illustrations: Scandinavian Countries (1958)
Illustrations: Surinam (1958)
Illustrations: Virgin Islands (1958)


Unknown said...

Hi Dave,
I have been collecting these books for some time now 1st and 2nd Edition and I have a lot. More that 60 i am sure with a few doubles.
I would like to find out how many are actually out there. Do you know the total number of these "around the world program books" produced by the American geographical society?
I see your link that says "10 sets of illustrations and covers". So I wonder the total number.


If you can reply to

Jeddawi@Heart said...

I have 12 sets, unused, all stamps intact :)

Jeddawi@Heart said...

I have 12 box sets unopened stamps in all, and in very good condition :) http://renaissance-adventures.com

Unknown said...

Hi DKh,
Are you looking to sell them? What ones do you have?

Unknown said...

Cannot find them on the site you gave.

Unknown said...

Hi Dave,
I am auction 3 book on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170565220694&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_500wt_1156

btorrezblevins said...

i have a large trunk full of these books, all in great condition, looking to sell,,,email at barbjeanblevins@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I have a single box set which I would like to sell.
The color stamps are affixed to the pages.
- Islands of the Eastern Mediterranean
- Germany 1960
- Kenya & Uganda 1960
- Indochina 1960
- Egypt & Syria 1960
- Russia 1958
My email is kyradebbie@yahoo.com.

Unknown said...

I have what I think is a whole collection still all in their envelopes I am interested in selling if anyone is interested email plemar16@hotmail.co.uk

Karelia said...

I have:
* American Geographical Society Around the World Program, booklets 14 x 21 cm (slightly smaller than A5), condition fair, each about a country, mid-1960s, have 15 of these
* Around Australia Program, booklets 14 x 21 cm (slightly smaller than A5), condition fair, each about an aspect of Australia, 1966 published by Nelson Doubleday
If anyone is interested, please let me know.

Arouranmoon said...

If this thread is still active I currently as of Feb 18,2018, have a set, some with unused stamps. Countries include
1. Japan stamps affixed
2.Greece no stamps
3. Austria stamps intact
4. Yugoslavia stamps affixed
5. England stamps affixed
6. Turkey stamps affixed
7. Alaska stamps intact
In original box shows wear and tear
Books from1957
Price to be agreed + $10.00 shipping in US only.
I don't have PayPal at this time
Will send pics upon request
Or on Facebook