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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vintage Spanish Flash Cards (1959)

To break the stream of Christmas posts, here's a set of Spanish language flash cards from 1959. They probably belonged to my uncle or my father, but what I was so taken with were the simple, classic illustrations on each card. One side of each card has just the illustration, the other side the illustration with the Spanish term. Marjorie Lowry Pei served as the foreign language consultant for a former division of McGraw-Hill dubbed Gelles-Widmer, the company that produced these foreign language cards and a variety of other flash cards, including sets for arithmetic and the Presidents. Enjoy the slide show below of the 50+ flashcards, or click through for the Flickr set.

1 comment:

I.L. said...

do you mind if i will add these cards into our online flashcards service ?